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As someone who has personally gone from a bodyweight of over 200lbs to being a competitive bodybuilder, I have an intimate understanding of both weight loss and muscle gain as well as the challenges and struggles that come with each aspect of your individual fitness goals.

NPC Louisiana Open Championships Interview


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The greatest payment a company can receive is for their customer to be so happy and satisfied with their products or services that they take time out of their busy life to express their experience in words to tell the whole wide world about their experience with you and your company. Below are just a few of the comments our valued CLIENTS shared online, and we are very grateful that they did.

Below are a few comments of both my in-person and online clients….



I have been a certified personal trainer for over 10 years, and I have been an npc physique Athlete since 2018. I have earned several first place wins, including my national qualification. I intend to go for the coveted IFBB pro status in 2024.

My fitness journey began in 2000, as most people do, by way of wanting to feel more comfortable and confident in my own body. I started reading fitness magazines and scrolling through bodybuilding.com and just taking in everything in that i could. It was in early 2005 that a personal trainer at the gym I was working out in noticed me and said i see you working hard, but you could be working harder, that was the day that I came to truly appreciate what a personal trainer does and sparked my love for it. I learned so much from being trained by someone and I knew that this is what i wanted to do, to help people just like me who wanted to work hard and push themselves, but unsure how to go about it. I received my first certification in 2006 and have never left the world of fitness since.

I have expanded my knowledge of both training and nutrition and absolutely love it! And here I am now, expanding to training both in person and online. I train both lifestyle clients, people who just want to look and feel their best, and competitive athletes! This is my passion and there is nothing in this world more satisfying to me than seeing my clients healthy and HAPPY!!!!

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